Philippine Navy launches ASW helicopter procurement programme

3:34:00 AM
MANILA, -- The Philippines Department of National Defense (DND) has dispatched an "invitation to bid" document in support of a programme to procure two anti-submarine warfare (ASW) helicopters for the Philippine Navy (PN).

The invitation, published on 25 September, outlines the requirement to acquire ASW helicopters equipped with munitions, "mission essential equipment" that includes ASW and anti-surface warfare capabilities and the provision of an integrated logistics support package.

The DND has budgeted the procurement programme at PHP5.405 billion (USD120 million) and that the selected bidder will be required to deliver the helicopters within two years of signing a contract. Bids are required to be submitted to the DND by 21 October.

Royal Navy AW159 Wildcat joins RFA Argus for sea trials. The AW-159 Likely to be Philippine Navy's First ASW Helicopters.

DND invitation to Bid  for Anti-Submarine Helicopter Acquisition Project link.


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