Two Repaired Su-30MK Fighter Jets Ready for Shipment to Indonesia

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JAKARTA, -- According to Scramble Magazine, in early July, both aircraft (sn. TS-3001 and TS-3002) were seen at the site of the overhaul center of the aircraft repair plant in Baranavichy, presumably awaiting shipment to the customer.

According to the publication, the aircraft has been upgraded to the level of the Su-30MK2, although this information has not yet been officially confirmed.

As TSAMTO already reported, on December 9, 2015, the Indonesian Air Force in its press release reported that two multi-purpose fighter aircraft Su-27SK with tail numbers TS-2701 and TS-2702, produced in 2003, will be repaired in Belarus. As reported, on December 8, 2015, both planes were loaded aboard an An-124 Ruslan chartered plane.

In April 2018, the Tribune News edition, citing a representative of the Indonesian Air Force, announced that it would overhaul four Su fighter planes of the Indonesian Air Force (two Su-27SKs and two Su-30MKs).

Two repaired Su-27SK fighters were returned to the Sultan Hasanuddin airbase on August 3, 2017 on board the An-124-100M Ruslan transport aircraft. Earlier, on the March 15, 2017, two Su-30MKs also produced in 2003 were delivered to Belarus for maintenance and repair.

Following the meeting of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to Indonesia Valery Kolesnik with the commander (chief of staff) of the Indonesian Air Force, Air Marshal Yu Sutisna on May 25, 2018 in Mabesu Chilangkap (East Jakarta), it was announced that Indonesia expects to receive two repaired Su-30MKs by September 2018 year. It is obvious that the return of the aircraft to the customer was delayed.

The 11th Squadron of the 5th Aviation Wing deployed at the Sultan Hasanuddin airbase is armed with 16 vehicles from the Su mixed fleet: two Su-27SKs (obtained in 2003) and three Su-27SKMs (2010), as well as two Su-30MK (2003) and nine Su-30MK2 (2008-2013)

Sukhoi Su-30MK TS 3002 Indonesian Air Force

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