New Russian Anti-Submarine Warfare Ship will be Offered to Southeast Asian Navies

10:21:00 PM
MOSCOW, -- New Russian ASW Ship Goes for Export Developed by the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau, the Project 23420 small antisubmarine warfare (ASW) ship armed with Pack-NK system will be offered to Southeast Asian navies , the bureau's Officials of toll Mil.Today.

"Actually, this project is an offer for foreign customers rather than Russian Navy," explained Dmitry Tsygankov, head of the marketing and technical scientific information department at the Almaz design bureau. According to him, designers regard as key Southeast Asia markets but are open for cooperation with any customers worldwide.

Andrey Frolov, an expert in marine weapons and chief editor of The Arms Exports magazine, says the Russian Navy presently has no need of such ships.

Project 23420 was designed to replace Parchim class corvette (photo: Kaskus Military) "We have a type variety of Corvettes, we call them differently but the essence is the same. It is excessive to breed another project now", shared Frolov his viewpoint.

Also, the expert did not rule out the license transfer for building of series of such ships to a potential foreign customers. According to the project, the ship displaces 1,300 tons, is 75 meters long and 13 meters wide. Maximum speed is expected to be 30 knots.

The corvette will be armed with a gun mount, either 76-mm AK-176MA or 30-mm AK-306, turret mounted with ZM-47 Gibka antiaircraft missiles, two 12.7 machineguns, and either the Pack-E / NK antisubmarine torpedo system or the RPK-8E antisubmarine missile system аnd depth bomb.

An unmanned aerial vehicle will be stationed on the deck.

Currently, the Russian Navy operates Project 20380 Corvettes equipped with Similar Pack-NK antisubmarine system. This kind of weapon IS ALSO mounted on the Project 22350 frigates being under construction.

The Project 23420 Small Antisubmarine Warfare Ship is designed for conducting combat operations against underwater, surface and air adversaries, for guarding naval bases, for engaging enemy shore installations with artillery fire, for patrolling the state sea border and EEZ.

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