Taiwan receives first batch of Black Hawk helicopters

8:03:00 PM
TAIPEI, -- The first batch of a package of 60 UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters Taiwan purchased from the United States arrived in Kaohsiung early Wednesday, the Army said.

Upon arrival, the first batch of four Black Hawks were to be unloaded and assembled and subjected to ground and air testing, the Army said.

After standard inspections and testing, expected to be completed by Saturday, the helicopters will be flown to an Army Aviation Special Forces base in Guiren in the neighboring metropolitan area of Tainan, the Army said.

The U.S. government announced in early 2010 that it was selling Taiwan the 60 choppers, worth a total of US$3.1 billion.

The helicopters are set to be delivered to Taiwan in 10 shipments, with the final batch of three helicopters to be shipped to Taiwan in 2019, the Army said.

The Black Hawks are replacing the Army's aging fleet of UH-1H utility helicopters, and will be deployed in northern and southern Taiwan for combat and rescue missions, the Army said.

The first four UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter bought from United States arrived in Kaohsiung Harbor Pier 70, after assembly it will fly to Guiren Army Aviation Special Forces base.


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