Jokowi Called Ready Buy 3 "Drone" of America

7:59:00 AM
JAKARTA, -- President-elect Joko Widodo deemed to have understood the concept of a strong national defense that must be applied in a maritime country like Indonesia. One step that can be done to protect the marine and air Indonesia is to have a drone ( unmanned aerial vehicle -UAV) or drones .
"Generation next war takes an integrated power , he (Jokowi) already understand about the need for a powerful defense , "said military analyst and defense, Rahakundini Connie Bakrie, as a speaker in a discussion titled Realizing Indonesia as World Maritime Axle: Islands Toward State of the State Maritime National Resilience Institute (National Resilience Institute), Thursday (09/10/2014).

Connie admitted, some time ago, he was talking with Jokowi about aircraft purchase plan drones are. To himself, Jokowi admitted trying to buy three units drone Global Hawk type, which made ​​the United States.

He said, the price of one unit of drones is quite fantastic, reached Rp 4.3 trillion. Hence the need for a budget of Rp 12 trillion to Rp 13 trillion to buy all three drones that.

"The price was not too expensive when compared to the benefits because it can protect the potential loss of Rp 300 trillion over the theft of fish and natural resources that occur in our country," said Connie mimicked Jokowi statement.

 U.S. Air Force RQ4 Block 30 Global Hawk  high-altitude surveillance UAV.


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