Singapore to replace US-based Chinooks

6:57:00 PM
SINGAPORE, -- The replacement will only affect the Peace Prairie training detachment in Texas, US, which flies the D model. The bulk of these were built in 1995 and delivered in 1996.

However, it is uncertain yet whether the US-based detachment will stand down or will continue with a new version of Chinook.

Chinooks have been operational with 127 Squadron in Sembawang Air Base since 1998. The RSAF also operates ten SD ‘Super D’ versions in Singapore, these are fitted with a colour glass cockpit, long-range 2,068-gallon fuel tanks and a nose-mounted radar.

Chinooks are crucial to the Singapore Armed Force’s air projection capabilities, as well as a crucial tool for maintaining a large flight information region as a long-range search and rescue platform.

In other news, Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen again spoke about the Super Puma replacement programme. He said at a parliament’s budget session today, ‘We are finalising our evaluations and expect to announce the new RSAF helicopters soon.’

Ng announced the Super Pumas were to be replaced at last year’s Committee of Supply parliamentary debate.

Citing confidentiality clauses, helicopter OEMs would not give Shephard any comments on the Super Puma programme.

The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Boeing CH-47SD Chinook Helicopter around Rockhampton at 'Warriors Camp' from the nearby Shoalwater Bay Training Area (SWBTA).

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