Army Thailand for New MBT

11:01:00 PM
BANGKOK / BEIJING, -- Army established the Committee for the procurement of new tanks. To fill the tank needs, this committee has sent a delegation of the Army to travel to the two countries, namely China and Russia.

In Russia delegation visited the Uralvagonzavod, and seems to do an assessment of the type of T-90 MBT, because the latest T-14 MBT Armata not be exported in the near future.

By visiting these two countries, the Army has information as a guide in determining which one will be selected MBT after the supply of Ukrainian Oplot MBT stalled.

As is known, Oplot tank originally projected to strengthen two cavalry battalion to replace the aging M48A5 tank.

For Thailand, it is understood that the tanks will be offered China is the latest type of VT4 (MBT-3000), before China has been supplying the countries in this region (Myanmar and Bangladesh) with tanks VT1A (MBT-2000). Machine VT4 (MBT-3000) will use the power 1200HP diesel power more robust.

Price tanks VT4 is not cheap, the Chinese Army offers to Peru for US 4 million per fruit or comparable to the price of the T-90S and T-84 Oplot.

But the choice may be to tank T-90 Russian-made tanks because some resemblance with artificial Oplot tank Ukaina include superior performance, fire control systems and support infrastructure maintenance. T-can take 90ms one level better than T-90SA although it is more expensive.

If there are no plans to make visits to other countries such as Western Europe or South Korea, the Commission will then work to make choices that will strengthen MBT Army

Thailand believed that the Army would prefer MBT from Russia which is equipped with a 125mm cannon as the main weapon of cavalry in the future.

Chinese Norinco MBT-3000 during tests in Pakistan.


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