US offers to Argentina a hundred of M113 series armored vehicles

3:45:00 AM
WASHINGTON, -- The US Department of Defense has offered to the Argentine government one hundred armored tracked series M113 at a discounted prices. The total amount bid is $2,495,368, $2,277,049.20 of which correspond to the M113A2 , $24.412 for one M548A1 and 193,906.80 for six M577A2 .

The offer, issued by the DSCA (Defense Security Cooperation Agency), includs 93 armored personnel carriers M113A2, a single load armored M548A1 and M577A2 six armored command post.

Argentina currently has 450 M113 armored vehicles acquired in several games since 1967. These are divided into different armored models that have been upgraded to version A2. Some are currently in a process to modernize its tracks. About 114 M113 are fitted with a 20mm cannon and about 300 are APC versions (M113A1 ACAV and M113A2).

Within the Argentine armored park we also find about 25 vehicles M106A2 (M113 converted systems propelled 120mm mortar.), 28 M548A1 cargo carrier, 20 M577A2 command post carrier and about six M113A2 equipped with a cannon Oerlikon GAI-BO1 of 20 mm for point air defense.

U.S Army Sierra Nevada depot.

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